”While doing his military service at the Austrian Armed Forces in 2005, Stefan was ordered to the Public Relations Office. That´s where he learned how to handle a Nikon D100 and where his supervisors taught him how to take serious press photos. In the end, the seed for a new passion was planted…

With Stefan coming from skateboarding, it didn´t take long until he started to combine both artforms: In 2006 he took his first photos of his hometown´s local skateboarders during daytime, while shooting party people in clubs at night.

Over the years, Stefan´s eye for photographical subjects became more delicate and he added quite a bunch of subjects to his ever growing portfolio: live music, landscapes, street photography, photographical documentaries and all kinds of action sports to name just a few keywords to describe his field of activity.

Today, Stefan is all about searching for ”that one shot”; He works as a freelance photographer for magazines, newspapers, companies & private clients on a regular basis.”

Special thanks go out to Günter Filzwieser, my mentor in digital photography!

…and everybody else who gave me a chance to unleash some moments!

Stefan Kuback, Austrian Photographer

Stefan Kuback, Austrian Photographer

Photo by Gavin Butler


  • Austrian Armed Forces (Press and Portraits)
  • Newspaper “Kronenzeitung” (Press)
  • Newspaper “Kurier” (Press)
  • Newspaper “NÖN” (Press)
  • Newspaper “Heute” (Press)
  • Website “massivemoves.com” (Sport)
  • Website “austrianinline.at” (Sport)
  • Website “be-mag.com” (Sport)
  • Magazine “Sportwoche” (Sport)
  • Website „stormbringer.at“ (Concert, Press)
  • Company “Ozone” (Lifestyle and Sport)
  • Magazine “Last Try” (Sport)
  • Magazine “Kitelife” (Sport)
  • Magazine “Kite&Friends” (Sport)
  • Magazine “Stance” (Sport)
  • Magazine „Kiteboarding“ (Sport)
  • Company “Stylehunters” (Sport, Lifestyle and Event)
  • Company “Triggernaut” (Lifestyle and Sport)
  • Company  “Best Kiteboarding” (Lifestyle and Sport)
  • Company “Blue Tomato“ (Sport)
  • Agency “Beyond Five Stars“ (Sport & Lifestyle)